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Tomorrow’s mathematicians today 2014

February 23, 2014

Last weekend I went to Tomorrow’s Mathematicians Today 2014, a conference for undergraduates, this year at the university of Surrey. This was the third time the event has taken place but only the second time consecutively, hopefully it will continue to be a yearly event (I did hear a rumour it will be running next year which I really hope is true). I had a good time once again, in fact the whole event was very similar to the year before, but more relaxing for me  personally as I did not give a talk this year.
The attendance seemed very much the same as previously, which was a little surprising seeing as more people from Warwick came this year, maybe the weather affected attendance badly?

The talks were a nice variety again and I saw a lot of cool things, most notably the keynote speaker Professor Luis Alday’s talk on some of the mathematics of string theory and the well deserved GCHQ prize winner M. Syafiq Johar’s talk on Rational tangles and the Euclidean algorithm. There were also interesting presentations on parallel algorithms and modularity.

I would highly recommend any UK undergraduate to consider attending such a conference (put a note in your calendar to Google for it sometime next October), and moreover to consider presenting a talk or a poster. In fact I almost wish I had prepared a talk now!


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